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Recently, a very helpful chap by the name of Paul Dobson sent me an email through GenesReunited about some pictures he had found in a box of his grandmother's photos. I have reproduced the majority of the dialogue below - it should be self explanatory. If you can provide any more information about Lily, her ancestors or descendents, please contact me or post a comment.


Leslie - I have recently come across some photographs amongst some which belonged to my grandmother Mary Dobson (nee Howe) of Houghton le Spring. They include several of a young lady named as Lily Litollis/Lytollis, including a wedding photo dated 1916, with the groom being Dacre Reed,

and another inscribed "best wishes, Dacre and Lily".

There is also one labelled "Lytollis family", with the parents and several girls,

and another of just the parents.

I don't know if Lily was a relation ar just a friend of my grandmother's, but if you think the pictures are of some of your relatives, please let me know and I will get some copies sorted out. I've allowed yuo access to my tree just in case there is a family connection.
Thanks and regards
Lez - thanks for getting in touch. My Grandma was born in 1895, so the Lily Lytollis pictured with her would have been born around the same time - making your Lilian 1896 quite likely to be the lady in the picture.

I'll get the pictures scanned in and sent to you as soon as I can.
Lez, As promised, here are copies of the photographs that I have. I hope there's someone there that you recognise - please let me know if there is,it would be nice to know, and find out who Lily Lytollis was. The young lady with the dark hair who doesn't look quite the same as the others is my grandmother Mary Howe - she's on the right of the picture called"lilymaryh".

Lez - i'm glad they seem to be the "right bunch". Also, I forgot to add that on the back of the large family group,

there is the message form Lily to my grandma which reads " ..with brothers, front row you know apart from brother's wife at end of row".

I also have a picture of Dacre Reed with his Army number "Gunner D. Reed" on the back.
good luck

Lez - another piece of information I've just discovered today is that Lily Lytollis moved to Middlesbrough with husband Dacre Reed. They had three sons and Dacre worked for ICI.

As a child, Lily lived in Newbottle near Houghton, and went to school with my grandmother. I vaguely remember visiting the Reeds in Middlesbrough as a small child.

You're correct - Lily appears to have been a friend of my Grandmother's (my dad's mother, Mary Dobson nee Howe, of Garden street,Newbottle - the street is still there). When I originally saw the amount of photos, I thought she may have been a relative, but my mam remembers that Lily was a family friend when mam met my dad. Grandma was also Lily's bridesmaid.
I would be happy for you to use the pictures on the Lytollis website, andwould be interested to know if you are able to put any more names to the faces apart from Lily.
cheers and good luck.

I had a quick look at the website, and noted that there is a Houghton near Carlisle. I didn't know this (even though I have relations in Brampton), and the Houghton I have been referring to is Houghton Le Spring in County Durham. On the website I noticed the following entry:

18. JAMES4 LYTOLLIS (ROBERT3, JOSEPH2, ROBERT1) was born 1867 in 'Hamlet' Cumberland or Durham Felling (Source: 1881 census Heworth/registration index), and died Unknown (Source: 1901 census.). He married MARGARET A 1892 in South Shields. She was born Abt. 1875 in Durham, Hebburn (Source: 1901census.).
More About JAMES LYTOLLIS:Education: 1901Lived: 1881- lived in GatesheadOccupation: 1901, Manager of BarReg: December 1867, Gateshead District 10A 615See Note.....: Note 4
Children of JAMES LYTOLLIS and MARGARET A are:i. MAY BEATRICE5 LYTOLLIS, b. December 1893, Durham Hebburn.
More About MAY BEATRICE LYTOLLIS:Lived: 1901, 19 Slake Terr. South Sheilds.Burton House Tavern
ii. LILLIAN REBECCA LYTOLLIS (Source: 1901 census.), b. December 1896,Durham, South Shields.
More About LILLIAN REBECCA LYTOLLIS:Lived: 1901, 19 Slake Terr. South Sheilds.Burton House Tavern
iii. JAMES RAYMOND LYTOLLIS, b. May 1899, South Sheilds 10a 850; d.September 1900, South Sheilds 10a 406.
iv. EDITH MAUD LYTOLLIS, b. June 1901, Durham South Shields 10a 817; d.September 1901, Durham South Shields 10a 536.
More About EDITH MAUD LYTOLLIS:Lived: 1901, 19 Slake Terr. South Sheilds.Burton House Tavern

This Lily would be the right age to be the Lily in the photos. Perhaps they moved from the Burton House in Shields to Newbottle after 1901 -perhaps.
Hi Paul
Yes, this is the Lillian I *think* fits in with your pictures. You have almost as much info as I do from the site.
Robert Lytollis (1838) is the common link between us (if we have the right Lillian *and* if my branch of the tree is correct)
He had a first wife (name unknown) and they had children Thomas (1863) and James (1867) . James married Margaret A and they had Lillian Rebecca (1896) - I do not have any further information for Lillian and Dacre's children but at least that gives us possible names to Lillian's parents.
Robert's (1838) second wife Jane Miller (1858) had children Robert, Mason, Elizabeth, Joseph and William (1895) - William was (probably) my grandfather as my father certainly had an uncle Joseph and aunt Elizabeth.
So (I'm still getting used to all the terminology) James would be my grandfather's half brother and Lililan would be my father's (half?) cousin (I originally had another Robert and Jane as my great grandparents making the only other Lillian in the tree my father's cousin, so this is really confusing!) making Lillian's children my 2nd cousins I think.
Lez Lytollis


  1. I think I can add a little more information. My name is Martin Reed, I believe my grand parents were Dacre and lilly. My Father was Ronald Lytollis Reed, he had two brothers, Raymond and Dereck. My Mother was Mary Elisabeth Crosby, I had a brother called Ashley Dacre Reed. It all seems to tie in with what I have read on here


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