Pictures Of Lily

A very helpful chap by the name of Paul Dobson sent me an email through GenesReunited about some pictures he had found in a box of his grandmother's photos. I have reproduced some of his conversation below.  If you can provide any more information about Lily, her ancestors or descendants, please contact me or post a comment. I have recently come across some photographs which belonged to my grandmother Mary Dobson (nee Howe) of Houghton le Spring. They include several of a young lady named as Lily Litollis/Lytollis, including a wedding photo dated 1916, with the groom being Dacre Reed and another inscribed "best wishes, Dacre and Lily". There is also one labelled "

1935 trip to Iraq with the Anglo Persian Oil Company

Here's some photos of my Father in Law (John Lytollis b 1907) on his trip to Bagdad. He went overland from Damascus on what was at the time the biggest bus in the world - the one that is in the ditch in the photo. John is the man holding his hat in the middle picture on the right.

Some random bits relevant to Lytollis Family History!

Houghton Churchyard The stone of John Lytollis and Mary Leith IN LOVING MEMORY OF JOHN LYTOLLIS WHO DIED AT KINGSTOWN MARCH 23 RD 1899 AGED 71 YEARS ALSO OF MARY HIS WIFE WHO DIED AT KINGSTOWN JULY 17 TH 1900 AGED 56 YEARS The stone of Children of Joseph and Ellen Sacred TO THE MEMORY OF JANE THE BELOVED DAUGHTER OF JOSEPH AND ELLEN LYTOLIHS OF KINGSTOWN WHO DIED SEPT 12 (?) 1871 AGED 3 YEARS ALSO MARY THEIR DAUGHTER WHO DIED MAY 21 ST 1876 AGED 12 YEARS ALSO HENRY THEIR SON WHO DIED AT STIRLING SCOTLAND OCTOBER 11 TH 1894 AGED 35 ALSO MASON THEIR SON WHO DIED IN ………………..1896 This is a close up of the stone, taken about 15 years ago! Its very ornate but made of soft sandstone which has weathered badly. Heres some photos of California Road, Kingstown. Theses are weavers cottages that may be those lived in by some of the KIngstown weaving Lytollis clan. William (b1841) lived here in 1901
The Lytollis Story....So Far Here’s the story of the family from 1803.Robert Lighttallers, from whom the whole Lytollis family spring, first appeared in Carlisle on the St Cuthbert Parish registers when he married Jane Mason in 1803. She was a local girl but Robert must have come from outside the area as there are no records before this of any brothers, sisters or parents in the Carlisle area. I think it was most probable that he was part of the Lightollers family from Lancashire and West Yorkshire and he came to Carlisle during the boom years of handloom weaving. Weaving was taking off in the area at the time and people with the right skills were arriving from Lancashire and Ireland. There are possible links in Wibsey, near Bradford, Yorkshire and Chorley, Brindley and Preston in Lancashire. Many of these families were involved in the weaving industry. The name Lightoller itself originates from the manor of Lightowlers near Littleborough , Lancashire first recorded in 1296. Robert and
Descendants of Robert Lytollis This is the first 5 generations of Lytollises. There are definitely some missing. I have tried to exclude any individuals born less than 90 years ago for privacy's sake but have this information if anyone is interested. Generation No. 1 1. ROBERT1 LYTOLLIS was born Unknown, and died 1808 (Source: Robert died between the birth of his second son and the remarriage of his wife to Micheal Ward in 1808. Source IGI/parish registers). He met JANE MASON 21 February 1803 in St Cuthberts, Carlisle (Source: IGI/Bishops Transcripts St Cuthberts No. 127), daughter of JOSEPH MASON and MARY. She was born 1782 in Stanwix, Carlisle (Source: St Cuthberts/1851 census), and died Unknown. Notes for ROBERT LYTOLLIS: Robert Lightallers appears in Carlisle parish registers and the IGI for the first time in 1803 when he married Jane Mason at St Cuthberts Church. Page 43 St Cuthberts Register "Robert Lightallors of this parish Batchelor and Jane Mayson spinster by Licence

Robert Lightallers - Our Common Ancestor

At the time of writing, the earliest Linda has traced the family tree is to around 1803, when Robert Lightallers a Weaver, married Jane Mason (b. 1782) in Carlisle.  When their second child Joseph was born he was recorded as a soldier.  Jane remarried (Michael Ward) two years after this in 1808, so we can assume Robert died or was killed whilst a soldier.  No other records that fit Robert Lightallers have been found in any other part of the country to date, but it is most probable that he was part of the Lightollers family from Lancashire and West Yorkshire and that he went to Carlisle during the boom years of handloom weaving as many people did.  It is not clear how our family name became commonly spelled as Lytollis and for a hundred years or so down the tree from Robert Lightallers, many variations have been found. I have listed them below from the records I have from Linda.  Lightallers, Litellus, Litollus, Lightollers, Letillus, Lytellon, Littellus, Littollas, Letellus, Lytallous,