Robert Lightallers - Our Common Ancestor

At the time of writing, the earliest Linda has traced the family tree is to around 1803, when Robert Lightallers a Weaver, married Jane Mason (b. 1782) in Carlisle. 

When their second child Joseph was born he was recorded as a soldier. 

Jane remarried (Michael Ward) two years after this in 1808, so we can assume Robert died or was killed whilst a soldier. 

No other records that fit Robert Lightallers have been found in any other part of the country to date, but it is most probable that he was part of the Lightollers family from Lancashire and West Yorkshire and that he went to Carlisle during the boom years of handloom weaving as many people did. 

It is not clear how our family name became commonly spelled as Lytollis and for a hundred years or so down the tree from Robert Lightallers, many variations have been found. I have listed them below from the records I have from Linda. 

Lightallers, Litellus, Litollus, Lightollers, Letillus, Lytellon, Littellus, Littollas, Letellus, Lytallous, Lighttollous, Lytollas, Lytallis, Lyttallis, Litholis, Litholin.


  1. What does Lightallers mean?

  2. Michael Ward and Jane Mason were my 4th great-grandparents. I didn't realize that she was a widow when she married Michael Ward. Thank you so much for this information!


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